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2017 Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Orange Autumn Flush

Kora Tea and Crafts

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Black teas don't come any fresher than this Himalayan Orange which was packaged upon production just a month ago by the esteemed Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden. Buckle up your tastebuds for your daily dose of anise lightning followed by a long lingering lychee brightness that tingles in your mouth following your sip. 

Whether you choose to brew it western or Chinese gong-fu style, just a few cups of this fresh citrus zesty black tea will have you feeling bombastic! 

Quantity: 5-6 grams per 350ml
Water temperature: 95ºC. 
Brewing time: 1 minute to taste. Add 20-30 seconds for each subsequent steeping
Infusions: 5