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2017 Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Shiiba Summer Harvest

Kora Tea and Crafts

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  • NOTE: 50+ gram bags are SOLD OUT! However, it is still possible to sample this tea through purchasing the Kora Tea Flight.

Grown and produced by the esteemed Jun Chiyabari Tea Garden in Hile, Himalayan Shiiba black tea is made from tea trees that were transported from Shiiba village of Miyazaki prefecture, Japan! Get treated to this glorious golden goblet of tea with luscious cereal notes and nutmeg in the flavor profile. Refreshing mangoes appear as the leaves continue to tease open. The silky smooth mouthfeel of the soup will be sure to wet your whistle. A bud and one leaf, the tea is hand-rolled with care and expertise. 

Try experimenting with warmer and cooler water temperatures to experience an extraordinary variety of captivating flavors. 


Quantity: 5-6 grams per 350ml
Water temperature: 90-95ºC. 
Brewing time: 1:30 to taste. Add 20-30 seconds for each subsequent steeping
Infusions: 5