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Kora Tea Flight (60g)

Kora Tea Flight (60g)

Kora Tea and Crafts

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Taste your way through the Kora Tea and Crafts menu by purchasing the brand new Tea Flight!

Each set includes a total of 60g grams of tea:

1. Momma's Favorite (15g): a delectably sweet nutty green tea. Worthy of replacing your daily green.
2. Himalayan Shiiba (15g): the crème de la crème. Gingerbread and mangos with the most satisfying of mouthfeels.
3. 2017 Himalayan Orange (15g): the perfect breakfast tea. Anise, fennel, lychee, cocoa. Extremely fresh.
4. 2016 Himalayan Orange (15g): a wee bit more grown up. Jams, rosy perfumes and a citrus zest.